Old Love Poetry: Occurrence Review, Impression, and you will Finally Review

Автор: | 24.06.2022

Old Love Poetry: Occurrence Review, Impression, and you will Finally Review

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Gu Jue Zhuan observe Shang Gu, immediately following a frontrunner of one’s five Real Immortals, just who drops to your a deep bed shortly after losing by herself within the an effective demo one survived sixty,100000 many years. Shang Gu gets up decades https://datingmentor.org/cs/koreancupid-recenze/ afterwards, and you can memory out-of how it happened 300 years ago was entirely wiped. But the lady former lover, Bai Jue, never ever forgot from the the woman. Sacrificing his reincarnation on her behalf existence, he waited on her behalf getting sixty,000 age. Even when his spirit vanishes, Shang Gu often expect your permanently.

Good/Crappy Items that Occurred

There is also a mini break up, because ShangGu feels betrayed because of the BaiJue. (We describe they a little bit ideal in the recap)

Ep 14: NOOOOOOOOOOOO YueMi dies!! Just like the she actually is about to die, TianQi confesses he know one to she liked him, however, did not tell their just before.

Xuanyi’s fighting the fresh new God’s World. ZhiYang, Hongri (as to why, oh why?), and you may a number of most other immortals compromise their existence. BaiJue plus becomes deceased at the bottom

Ep twenty five: QingMu should miss a wedding offer which have JingZhao, but We know regarding the truck that they can end upwards married.

[Ep step one] ShangGu goes to new Temple of Love, and you may attempts to boost the immortals indeed there fall-in like, nevertheless enchantment fails, very she covers in the ChangYuan Castle (BaiJue’s castle) to flee abuse (however, woah, just what a happenstance, the guy turns up) .

The other Immortals cheat BaiJue into the practise ShangGu, because of the saying that the woman is very dedicated, submissive, rather than helps make issues (haha BaiJue in reality thinks them) . ShangGu are prepared to learn from BaiJue, into intention of having the girl immortal vessels unblocked in order that she will eliminate BaiJue regarding Immortal World, just like the the guy ashamed this lady. BaiJue brings ShangGu an sample: and then make these Tiger Demons (just who fundamentally never grins) look.

Up coming, this type of people immortals who possess crushes with the BaiJue lead ShangGu gift ideas with the intention that she’d permit them get into ChangYuan Palace, since BaiJue will not enable it to be anyone to visit there.

[Ep 2] On account of ShangGu permitting people lady immortals in the, wherever BaiJue was, there had been usually the female immortals looking to acquire his prefer. He advised ShangGu to never return to his ChangYuan Palace.

not, it had been as a misunderstanding, and you may ShangGu are meeting the female immortal’s “like time” for the BaiJue, to make the Tiger Demons laugh. BaiJue makes up because of it giving back their stamina, a lovely smol little wristband, and a cute move. However, ShangGu wished to score even after your, therefore she pushed BaiJue so you’re able to close their powers and you can she wanted going to him, but it doesn’t work.

Cute absolutely nothing storytime: seem to, whenever ZhiYang try take a trip regarding the all the way down areas, the guy had abducted of the an effective mortal woman and you will are obligated to marry this lady (hahah, bad your)

XuanYi(new Demon Lord) as well as requires ShangGu to visit him, however, ShangGu does not want to visit b/c she thinks she will die, very she preparations to your powering away, however, (coincidentally), BaiJue appear and you will frightens the girl into not running out.

BaiJue takes the girl to help you Install Lookout to practice the girl energies, additionally the second day, BaiJue unlocks this lady Immortal boats, plus they finish hugging! Following Hongri sees him or her, will not bother her or him, and departs with an effective smoll laugh (no joke, the guy. is the biggest shipper) . ShangGu apologized to possess absorbing a number of their powers and also flirted which have him, but BaiJue is covertly disappointed regarding their apologizing. He together with will teach the woman a blade, and they’ve got a lovely little second with her.

ShangGu gets the woman divine demo, but BaiJue withstood all of the demo super for her. BaiJue in addition to renders a gun having ShangGu, but from the trial and gun, he’d of numerous shortly after-outcomes and you can fainted to the ShangGu (however, he fainted waiting, to ensure was a little bit unpleasant…, instance, if you would like weak, atleast light safely)

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